Monday, June 13, 2016

Madison Ashley: 12 Months

You are one! I cannot believe it, where did  my little baby girl go!? 

-You weigh 19 pounds and I am not sure how tall you are. You are 50th percentile in weight and 15th percentile in height (short like your mama)!

-Still in size 3 diapers

-Mostly 12 and 18 month clothing and all 12-18 month pajamas. You still have tiny feet; it is hard to find you shoes for walkers, your feet are so small. Depending on the shoe you wear size 1-3. In these Old Navy Jellies you have, you wear size 3-6 months (which is crazy)!

-We made the switch to whole milk several weeks before your first birthday and thankfully you took it with no problems. 

-You have drastically reduced your pouch  consumption and eat almost exclusively what we eat, which is soo fun! You love most foods and we have a great time introducing so many new foods to you.

-Still going to bed around 7:30pm sleep continuously until we get you up around 6:30 am. You really are an amazing sleeper and we know we are so lucky. Thanks for keeping us sane in the sleep department this first year!

-Nicknames: bug de love, little one, Madison (French Accent), puddin pop, pudding, Bug, itty bitty bug

-You took your first steps on May 19th, several days after your first birthday! I screamed for Evan when you took them because I couldn't believe it. I didn't think you were remotely close to walking but apparently I was wrong. Since then, you have increased your balance and number of steps tremendously and now can take up to 13 steps at a time! It is so fun watching you perfect walking.

-You have four teeth now. Your top front two have pushed a good bit now. 

-You finally will walk with me fairly easily holding just your one hand.

-You can say Mama and Dada and say these all the time especially when I put you down when you don't want me to. You also seem to say "Baba" for Bella? Not certain if this is her nickname yet.

-You walk well with your walker unassisted and are an expert with all turns. You absolutely love your walker now that you are in complete control!

-You wave to everyone now and clap whenever I clap.

We love you, bug! Can't imagine a world without you in it, you have forever changed us and we are so much better for it!

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